This blog was written by Transition Edinburgh South, a local organisation focused on transitioning towards a fairer greener society. 

Decarbonising heat, to reduce  risks of climate change, is a major challenge. In the city most buildings burn natural gas to keep us warm. Heat pumps, electric powered, can replace gas central heating. If replacing your whole central heating system is not for now, there are lesser changes you can try. Using more electricity and less gas is a move in the right direction.. Air conditioners, used as air to air heat pumps, may need gas back up in the coldest weather but are a strategy for using both electricity and some fossil fuel  In summer some household may be OK  only using electric room heaters, just heating where people are, not the whole house.

ACTION For July and August see how you do with the central heating off. If your hot water has an immersion heater use that.  A small room thermometer can guide you, central heating back on if the reading says cold’.

ACTION  Research possible ways of heating your home more efficiently. Go on line, ask friends and neighbours what they do, and ask for advice from Home Energy Scotland.

Find out more.                                                                                                            1 Home Energy Scotland gives free, impartial advice.   

2.Find out about heat pumps.

3 Check small air to air pumps      (sorry this is a manufacturers site; there are plenty of others)

4 Check on the city’s climate plans.  This was accepted by the Policy and Sustainability Committee on June 10. It will stay ‘draft’ until the consultation closes in September. Asks of citizens is on page 9

Draft 2030 Climate Strategy                                                                                            Executive Summary Draft 2030 Climate Strategy                  

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