Ian Murray MP
Ian Murray MP

My view is clear. I will not support any deal that makes the country poorer and I demand a People’s Vote.

Nobody voted for a Brexit that will see Britain giving away control and leaving people poorer. It means paying a near £50 billion divorce bill but getting nothing in return.

Whether it’s a no deal or this dodgy deal, the result would be the same: a miserable Brexit for the UK threatening business confidence, the economy, our public services and the future for our young people.

It’s only going to get worse with the biggest issues unresolved while we follow rules over which we will no longer have any say – and suffer long term damage to our economy.   This is a fudge.

MPs must ask themselves if this is better than the deal we’ve already got inside the EU.  It is clearly not and new evidence confirms this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46338585.

If they cannot look constituents in the eye and say it is, they must vote this deal down and then hand the final decision back to the public.

A choice between a dodgy deal and no deal is no choice at all. The British public deserve a real choice between leaving the EU on these terms or sticking with the deal we’ve got inside the EU.

We cannot buy this worst of all worlds divorce deal.  The Political Declaration that was released last week is also just a flimsy wish list of a potential relationship that essentially means nothing.  We can’t allow this to be forced through our Parliament.

Only the people can sort this out. That’s why we need a People’s Vote and why I have backed a People’s Vote from the start.

I’m working tirelessly to deliver a people’s vote and my colleagues and I are trying all we can to find a way to deliver this.

My view for the last while has been that we should have and need a People’s Vote but winning that in Parliament is not easy.

I am a founding member of the People’s Vote campaign through my senior role within Open Britain and Best for Britain. I have been championing it for over 12 months and I’m now glad that work is starting to pay off with more and more now looking at this as an option. It is imperative that we get a public vote on the deal versus the option to remain.

I am standing up for my constituents as 78% votes remain. I campaigned hard locally and across the country for a remain vote and have continued to fight Brexit since.

The Labour Party position is to support a people’s vote. That was won at conference after a Herculean amount of work from some of my colleagues and I. Whatever is said now that contradicts this position is clearly wrong and this is emphasised by everyone in the party. Our policy is to vote against the deal as it doesn’t meet our tests and then a people’s vote. Full stop.

I bring this issue up on every occasion possible and I’ve made hundreds of speeches and asked dozens of questions on a peoples vote. It’s all on my website and Facebook pages if you would like further information.

I’ve also been doing lots of public meetings and I participated in a very large event in Edinburgh a few weeks ago for the Our Future, Our Choice campaign.

I assisted in organising the rally in Edinburgh back in August for a Peoples Vote and helped with the national rally on 20 October in London. It was a huge success, with over 770,000 people taking to the streets to demand a Peoples Vote. The campaign has real momentum.

I also recently wrote a column in the Edinburgh Evening news which you can read here.

I also asked a question to the Prime Minister during her statement in the House of Commons, you can see it here and on the PMs statement on the deal she refused again to answer if it made the country poorer:


I agree that we should have a vote on the final deal. It is the only solution to a problem that can’t be resolved whilst parliament has a majority for “we must do as the people have voted”.

The strange irony is that the knowledge about the EU and what it does is now much greater in the public than ever before. A vote on the deal would show a comparison with what we have now and people could make the choice if that is what they thought would happen when they voted to leave and express their preference now.

The Government are hurtling towards the UK being out of the EU and the potential to break up the UK. That would bring even more turmoil. This can be highlighted by the fact that the SNP only support a people’s Vote if it is connected to another Independence Referendum. I will do all I can to stop politicians from damaging our future.

My view is that a “no deal” will not happen as it is catastrophic so that means there is an opportunity for an alternative.

Let’s hope we can get common sense to prevail but the next few days will be critical. We have a matter of weeks to get a People’s Vote but with events moving so quickly we may be able to get to that position.

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